Canadian, Literary and Didactic Mosaic

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Michael Heinze, Elke Müller-Schneck (Eds.)

Canadian, Literary and Didactic Mosaic. Essays in Honour of Albert-Reiner Glaap on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday

ISBN 978-3-88476-688-0, ISBN 3-88476-688-0, 232 S., kt., € 26,50 (2004)

Contributors from Canada, Belgium, the UK and Germany have put together this mosaic-like interdisciplinary and bilingual volume. It is intended to provide a faint glimpse into the varied interests of Albert-Reiner Glaap, in honour of whom it was written. The articles included deal with various Canadian, theatrical, literary and didactic issues. Each article can be seen as a little piece in a very diverse and a far bigger mosaic, which is to represent the numerous fields of research of Albert-Reiner Glaap:

- Canadian Postcolonial Responses to Shakespeare

- Sharon Pollock's Theatre and the Autobiographical Impulse

- Brad Fraser's Cold Meat Party

- Performing the Black "Other" in Contemporary Afri-Canadian Theatre

- William James and Charles Taylor

- An American-Canadian Philosophical Dialogue on Religion

- There's like nothing like LIKE

- First Nations Literatures from Canada in the EFL Classroom

- Brian Friel's Translations in the EFL Classroom

- Organisational and didactic aspects of bilingual history lessons in North Rhine-Westphalia

- Nursery Rhymes and the Teaching of English

- Teaching Literature in the Context of a Theory of Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages

- The Reader as Participant, Observer and Critic of Literary Texts

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