Can Feminism Trump Populism?

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Julia Roth

Can Feminism Trump Populism? Right-Wing Trends and Intersectional Contestations in the Americas

ISBN 978-3-86821-821-3, 168 S., 9 Abb., kt., € 23,00 (2021)

(IAS - Inter-American Studies / Estudios Interamericanos, Bd. 28)

Recently, right-wing candidates such as Donald Trump in the U.S. and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil got elected regardless of the scandals they had caused through their openly sexist and racist remarks. Likewise, the electoral success of both presidents was opposed by broad intersectional feminist protests. This book thus pursues a two-fold aim: first, to ex-amine the logic and function of gender for (right-wing) populism in order to re-evaluate the phenomenon and expand the theorizing towards more complex forms of descriptions and analysis, and, secondly, to sketch out spaces and practices of resistance that are also based on gendered politics (or, make resistance to anti-sexism their point of departure). Starting with the assumption that gender is no side effect or minor aspect of current right-wing populist rhetoric, this study argues that gender provides a foundational and central arena for current struggles over cultural hegemony numerous societies are currently facing in the light of neoliberal politics leading to precarious living situations for large segments of the population. A gender focus on populism will thus not only enrich the study field, but can provide an innovative parameter for a re-evaluation of the phenomenon and the theorizing on (right-wing) populism.

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