Big Bands

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Christoph Stapf

Big Bands. A Virtual Seminar

ISBN 978-3-88476-997-3, 349 S., 46 Abb., € 34,50 (CD-ROM, 2008)

(Lighthouse Unlimited, Bd. 107)

The centerpiece of this work is a virtual translation seminar involving general texts from German into English on the subject of big bands and jazz culture. This work presents itself as a contribution to the collection of virtual translation seminars offered at the University of Heidelberg. The first section focuses on how the impact of the new media has changed working conditions for translators. Different e-tools that facilitate the work of modern translators are examined and a variety of versatile language-related or encyclopedic online resources are provided. E-learning, its history and subcategories is outlined and its implementation in different countries is presented. The second part of this thesis comprises the core of this work – the study guide and six individual class units. All of these classes are delivered with assignments, source text, parallel texts and model solutions. The assignments include the following tasks: abstracts, linguistic analysis, terminology lists, collocation lists, glossaries, research tasks and the translation itself. To promote the students' ability to work in teams, two team assignments are included. This course was designed to improve the students' research, media, and translation skills as well as to broaden cultural knowledge.