Bearing Across

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Arvi Sepp, Philippe Humblé (Eds.)

Bearing Across. Translating Literary Narratives of Migration

ISBN 978-3-86821-693-6, 178 S., 4 Abb., kt., € 24,50 (2016)

(IK - Intercultural Knowledge, Bd. 4)

This volume seeks to map the coordinates of different approaches to the manifold relationsexisting between migration, literature, andtranslation. The thirteen contributions in this book span a broad geographical and cultural spectrum and encompass, amongst others, Italian-Canadian, Dutch-Moroccan, Australian-Uruguayan, German-Portuguese, Bosnian-American, and French-Algerian representations of migration. The volume shows how the condition of the modern subject as a translated being is that of spatial and linguistic border-crossing, between the local and the global, shaping ongoing redefinitions of cultural identities. In this context, translation can be regarded as a sequence of language practices and the expression of an existential situation of migrants dealing with dislocation. On the one hand, this volume explores the possibilities and limits of the notion of “migrant writing”. On the other, it investigates“migration” as a theoretical concept and an analytical category in Translation Studies, as well as a lived experience by authors and translators alike.

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