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Anglistentag 2016 Hamburg

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Ute Berns, Jolene Mathieson (Eds.)

Anglistentag 2016 Hamburg. Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-86821-725-4, 302 S., 18 Abb., kt., € 52,50 (2017)

(Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, Bd. 38)

Ute Berns and Jolene Mathieson (Hamburg)


Xiaolu Guo (London) in conversation with Ralf Hertel (Trier)

Writing China Across the Globe

Section I: Mash-ups

Lucia Krämer (Passau) and Monika Pietrzak-Franger (Hamburg)

Mash-ups: 'Glitch Aesthetics' and Transmedia Practice

Eckart Voigts (Braunschweig)

Some Random Thoughts about Animated GIFs: Compact Meme Micronarratives in Everyday Remix Culture

Katharina Pink (München)

Monsters in the Drawing Room: Mashing up Victorian Classics

Christian Lenz (Dortmund)

Toying with Monsters: Mash-ups, Remixes, and Mattel's Monster High

Engelbert Thaler (Augsburg)

Literal Music Videos in Language Teaching

Thomas Gurke and Alexander Zimbulov (Düsseldorf)

Mashing up the Classroom – Teaching Poetry and Prose in the Age of Participatory Culture

Section II: Engaging with the Past: Reinventing the Middle Ages

Eva von Contzen (Freiburg), Annette Kern-Stähler (Bern) and Nicole Nyffenegger (Bern)

Engaging with the Past: Reinventing the Middle Ages

Matthias Bauer and Angelika Zirker (Tübingen)

Subtle Medievalism: The Case of Charles Dickens

Stefanie Fricke (München) Creating England: Stories of Ethnic Antagonism, Hybridity, and Otherness from Walter Scott to Kazuo Ishiguro

Matthias Berger (Bern) Roots and Beginnings: Medievalism and National Identity in Daniel Hannan's How We Invented Freedom and Why It Matters

Richard Utz (Georgia)

The Return to Medievalism and the Future of Medieval Studies

Section III: Force Fields of Serial Narration

Sylvia Mieszkowski (Wien) and Barbara Straumann (Zürich)

Force Fields of Serial Narration

Jan Rupp (Heidelberg)

Serial Crime, Sex, and Politics in Twenty-First-Century Remakes of Sherlock Holmes

Janneke Rauscher (Frankfurt/Main)

Seriality and the Semiosphere: Seriality as Narrative Principle and the Dynamics of Serial Worldmaking in Contemporary Glaswegian Crime Fiction

Susanne Köller (Konstanz)

"Just Little Bits of History Repeating" – The Historical Event, Seriality, and Accumulation in Mad Men

Section IV: Cosmopolitan/Global/Planetary Fictions: The Uses and Abuses of Comparative Approaches

Jana Gohrisch (Hannover) and Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (Bonn)

Cosmopolitan/Global/Planetary Fictions: The Uses and Abuses of Comparative Approaches

Helge Nowak (München)

Around the World in 18 Pages; or, Fresh Ground for Comparison of Literature in a Global Context

Roman Bartosch (Köln)

Anthropocene F(r)ictions: World Literatures and Transcultural Ecology in an Age of Climate Change

Pavan Malreddy (Frankfurt/Main) and Ana Sobral (Zürich)

Violent Worlds: Three Readings from the Global South

Annika McPherson (Augsburg)

A Question of Perception? Transnational Lives and Afropolitan Aesthetics in Teju Cole's Every Day Is for the Thief

Jan Alber (Aachen) Comparison, Inclusiveness, and Non-Hierarchical Incommensurability: Narrative Strategies in Two Aboriginal Life Stories