Anglistentag 2015 Paderborn

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Christoph Ehland, Ilka Mindt, Merle Tönnies (Eds.)

Anglistentag 2015 Paderborn. Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-86821-673-8, 336 S., kt., € 57,50 (2016)

(Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, Bd. 37)

Christoph Ehland, Ilka Mindt and Merle Tönnies (Paderborn)


Courttia Newland (Kingston University London)

The New Diaspora Aesthetic and the Black British Writer

Anja Steinlen and Thorsten Piske (Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Minority Language Students as At-Risk Learners: Myth or Reality? Findings from an Early German-English Partial Immersion Programme

Section I: Un/Making Homes in Anglophone Cultures

Dorothee Birke (Aarhus) and Stella Butter (Gießen)

Un/Making Homes in Anglophone Cultures

Janine Hauthal (Brüssel)

Travelling with Ghosts: Europe as Imaginary Homeland in Dead Europe and Soul Tourists

Caroline Lusin (Mannheim)

'Home Matters': Home, Family and Community in the Contemporary Anglo-Jewish Novel

Christian Mair (Freiburg)

Digital Yaads, Cyber-Naija, and Homegirls on the Web: Using Pidgins and Creoles to Create Place in Cyberspace

Jochen Petzold (Regensburg)

"I'm not going." Questions of Home and Society in Nadine Gordimer's No Time Like the Present

Sarah Heinz (Berlin)

Unhomely Spaces and Improper Houses: Representations of Whiteness and Class on British Television

Ellen Redling (Heidelberg)

Home and Away: Place and Political Allegory in Contemporary British Drama

Section II: Reading Multiraciality in Anglophone Narratives

Jan Alber (Aarhus) and Miriam Nandi (Freiburg)

Reading Multiraciality in Anglophone Narratives

Christoph Ehland (Paderborn)

The Impossible Quest of the Middlebrow Hero: The Struggle between Colonial Angst and Cultural Curiosity in the Anglo-Indian Novel

Christine Vogt-William (Berlin)

"Split Me in Two": Gender and Dougla Identities in Indo-Caribbean Women's Diasporic Fiction

Julia Hoydis (Köln)

All's Turning Black: Mixed-Race Identity Politics and (Post-)Apocalyptic Fantasy in Nalo Hopkinson's The Chaos

Nicole Falkenhayner (Freiburg)

After Identity: Hanif Kureishi and the Backlash against Multiculturalism

Corinna Lenhardt (Münster)

"As Bones Dig Mass Racial Graves" – The Gothic Excess of Multiraciality in Larissa Lai's Long Poem "Nascent Fashion"

Section III: Multiple Modernities / Multiple Modernisms

Jens Elze (Göttingen) and Annika McPherson (Augsburg)

Multiple Modernities / Multiple Modernisms

Anne Enderwitz (Berlin)

The Evolutionary Paradigm and the Fourth Dimension

Kai Wiegandt (Berlin) Blooming Myths: Nationalism, Jewishness and Modernity in Ulysses

Betsy van Schlun (Bielefeld)

Pooling Modernisms: Rediscovering the Activities of the Avant-Garde Pool Group

Kylie Crane (Mainz)

Plastic Modernities

Jessica Bundschuh (Stuttgart) "Volcano Time": Temporal Plurality in Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red

Nicola Glaubitz (Darmstadt)

End(s) of Temporality: Modernism in Literary History and the Historiography of Modernity

Section IV: English in Multilingual Individuals, Societies and Schools

Tanja Angelovska (Salzburg) and Angela Hahn (München)

English in Multilingual Individuals, Societies and Schools

Nuria Hernández (Duisburg-Essen)

Bilingual Encounters Online: Constructing a Common Linguistic Code in German-English WhatsApp

Anne Dahl, Anna Krulatz and Eivind N. Torgersen (Trondheim, Norway)

Forging a Linguistically Diverse Future: Implications for EFL Teacher Education Programmes in Norway

Alexander Kautzsch (Regensburg) and Anne Schröder (Bielefeld)

English in Multilingual and Multiethnic Namibia: Some Evidence on Language Attitudes and on the Pronunciation of Vowels

Till Meister (Bielefeld)

Language Attitude Towards English in a Global Society

Ursula Lanvers (York) Teaching Languages 'To Instill the Love of Learning': School Management, Teacher and Student Voices in Four UK Schools