Anglistentag 1999 Mainz

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Bernhard Reitz, Sigrid Rieuwerts (Eds.)

Anglistentag 1999 Mainz. Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-88476-438-1, ISBN 3-88476-438-1, 558 S., kt., € 69,50 (2000)

(Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, Bd. 21)

Section I: Word-Formation: Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects
Dieter Kastovsky (Vienna)
Word-Formation: Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects

Leonhard Lipka (Munich)
English (and General) Word-Formation - The State of the Art in 1999

Lilo Moessner (Aachen)
Word-Formation in Early Modern English Grammars

Britta Mondorf (Paderborn)
Wider-Ranging vs. More Old-Fashioned Views on Comparative Formation in Adjectival Compounds and Derivates

Rainer Nagel (Mainz)
Affix Creation By Secretion - A New Trend?

Ingrid Piller (Hamburg)
Developments in the Formation of Brand Names

Ingo Plag (Hanover)
On the Mechanisms of Morphological Rivalry: A New Look at Competing Verb-Deriving Affixes in English

Hans Sauer (Munich)
The Earliest Layer of English Word-Formation: A Sketch of Word-Formation Patterns in the Épinal-Erfurt Glossary

Gabriele Stein (Heidelberg)
Word-Formation Typology: Lexical Units, Processes and Models

Jens Döpke and John Walmsley (Bielefeld)
The Proper Treatment of Derivation in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Section II: Jacobean Drama
Michael Steppat (Bayreuth)
Interfaces of Jacobean Drama: An Introduction

Louise Schleiner (Washington State University; Pullman)
Masters, Retainers, and the Ideologeme in Jacobean Drama

Anja I. Müller (Trier)
Negotiations of Violence in Jaocobean Drama

Norbert Greiner (Heidelberg)
Sxenic Laugther in Ben Johnson's Plays

Wolfgang G. Müller (Jena)
The Deconstruction of Gender in Ben Johnson's Epicoene

Matthias Bauer (Münster)
Language and the Suspension of Reality in Cymbeline

Eckhard Auberlen (Tübingen)
Mediation, Repression or Conquest? Discourses of Peacemaking in Tudor and Stuart Court Entertainments

Thomas Michael Stein (Mainz)
Emblematizing or Stereotyping? Thomas Middleton's Civic Pageants and Colonial Discourse

Section III: Postcolonial Theory
Dieter Riemenschneider (Frankfurt/Main)
Postcolonial Theory: Introductory Remarks

Robert J. C. Young (Oxford)
The Politics of Postcolonial Critique

Heinz Antor (Düsseldorf)
Postcolonial Pedagogy, or Why and How to Teach the New English Literatures

Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn (Essen)
Nation=Language=Literature? Re-viewing the Debate and its Implications for English Studies in Germany

Graham Huggan (Munich)
Reading the Readers: Some Thoughts on the Instiutionalisation of Postcolonial Theory

Gerhard Stilz (Tübingen)
Dimensions of Identity Formation in the New English Literatures

Barabara Schmidt-Haberkamp (Münster)
The Appropriation of the Third Space: Considerations upon the Mediating Function of Migrant Writers

Norbert H. Platz (Trier)
Greening the New Literatures in English: A Plea for Ecocriticism

Monika Reif-Hülser (Konstanz)
Re-visioning the Canon: Post-colonial Theory and the Quest for History in Literary Studies

Section IV: Narratology
Monika Fludernik (Freiburg)
"Narrative Theory" - Introduction

Ansgar Nünning (Giessen)
Towards a Cultural and Historical Narratology: A Surey of Diachronic Approaches, Concepts, and Research Projects

Manfred Jahn (Cologne)
Stanley Fish and the Constructivist Basis of Postcolonial Narratology

Christoph Reinfandt (Kiel)
A Matter of Perspective: The Social Framing of Narrative Meaning

Martin Löschnigg (Graz)
English Autobiography and Its Ficitonal Other: A Diachronic View Along Narratological Lines

Hilary P. Dannenberg (Freiburg)
Divergent Plot Patterns in Narrative Fiction from Sir Philip Sidney to Peter Ackroyd

Sabine Schülting (Erfurt)
Travellers' Tales: Narrativity in Early Modern Travelogues

Eva-Maria Orth (Jena)
The Soliloquy in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Fiction

Richard Aczel (Cologne)
Rhetorical Figures as Narrative Strategies in English Renaissance Prose Fiction

Section V: Varia
Andreas Rohde (Kiel)
Principles and Constraints in Lexical Acquisition

Gerda Lauerbach (Frankfurt/Main)
Discourse Analysis at the Interface of Politics and the Media: TV Election Night Coverage

Philipp Wolf (Giessen)
Literature and the Decline of Salvific and Redemptive Memory

Ralph Pordzik (Munich)
Magical Realism and the Transformation of Dystopian Space: A Comparative Approach to Postcolonial Speculative Fiction

Gabriele Rippl (Konstanz)
Visuality and Ekphrasis in A. S. Byatt's Still Life and "Art Work"

Peter Paul Schnierer (Tübingen)
Graphic 'Novels', 'Cyber 'Fiction', 'Multiform 'Stories' - Virtual Theatre and the Limits of Genre