Khan, Sayma

Between Agency and Victimhood

Remembering Women in South Asian Partition Narratives

This study explores the nexus between the diverse modes and media of representing South Asian Partition – from non-literary material (legal treatises, political speeches, newspaper articles), to the literary medium of short stories and novels in Urdu and English spanning more than six decades – together with the emergence of women’s taking active roles in mediating Partition. The comparative approach, i.e. the analysis of Urdu and English-language Partition narratives in the book, contributes to an understanding of South Asian Partition literature as representative of multiple and heterogeneous Partition experiences. The book traces the impact of the historical event on the imagination of artists and the general public across and beyond individual cultures and nations through the medium of Urdu and English-language Partition literature.

ISBN 978-3-86821-738-4, 216 S., 2 Abb., kt., € 29,00 (2017)

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