Helff, Sissy; Butt, Nadia (eds.)

'Tantalizing Alice'

Approaches, Concepts and Case-Studies in Adaptations of a Classic

This anthology seeks to illustrate not only different adaptations of and approaches to the character of Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic Alice in Wonderland, but also presents several case studies in order to shed new light on Alice as a prominent element of present-day ‘travelling cultures and stories’ around the globe. Having articles about the adaptation of Alice in various genres by international scholars, ranging from television and stage plays, bio-fiction, photography, films, cartoons, comics, circus rings and computer games, to name but a few, this collection of essays is, indeed, a unique contribution to the changing image of Alice on the global cultural landscape, demonstrating how the character of a little adventurous girl keeps living on in modern memory; above all, this collection highlights how this fictional figure keeps inspiring creative artists from different fields in our increasingly digital world to base their innovative works on and around her.

Table of Contents (PDF)

[Rezension: ANGL 29.1 (2018) REVIEWS]

ISBN 978-3-86821-666-0, 220 S., 16 Abb., kt., € 27,50 (2016)

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