Studien zur Englischen Romantik, Band 12

Jens Martin Gurr; Berit Michel (Eds.)

Romantic Cityscapes

Selected Papers from the Essen Conference of the German Society for English Romanticism

While a few central Romantic texts representing the city have long been the subject of intense scholarly debate, Romanticists have only more recently begun systematically to investigate the centrality of the city to British Romanticism. To further this line of inquiry and to explore Romantic urbanity and specifically urban forms of cultural production and representation, Romantic Cityscapes assembles selected papers from the 14th International Symposium of the German Society for English Romanticism. The essays consider a broad range of forms of cultural expression: poetry, the novel, drama, the essay, religious tracts, travel writing, political commentary, but also medical literature, caricature and the visual arts, architecture and various forms of urban performance. Rather than simply discussing Romantic representations of the city, however, the volume addresses the more intriguing questions at the intersection of urban anthropology and urban poetics: How does the urban condition affect individuality, society and cultural production?

J.M. Gurr: Towards Urban Romantic Studies J. Wolfreys: 'Otherwise in London': Modernity and Estrangement in the Romantic Cityscape I. Duncan: Human Habitats: The City and the Form of Man T. Rajan: Poetry After Urbanization in Shelley and Keats T. Caeners: Romantic Urbanity and Urban Romanticism: The City and Romantic Imagination M.J. Bruhn: The Suburbs of the Mind: Wordsworth's Cambridge and the City Within K. Nishiyama: A Cityscape 'to One Who Has Been Long in City Pent' J. Faflak: De Quincey and the Urban Space of Moral Management G. Sedlmayr: Romantic Urbanity and the Discourse of Hygiene C. Lai: Romanticism and the Eclectic City R. Lessenich: Charles Lamb's London Wanderlust M. Poetzsch: Leigh Hunt's Pedestrian 'Townosophy': Reading London on Two Feet F. Burwick: Tom and Jerry; or, Life in London: Urban Representations and Mirror Reflections A. Esterhammer: Impersonation in Late-Romantic Urban Performance and Print Culture A.J. Harding: The London Magazine and the Metropolitan Reader in the 1820s M. Irimia: (S)weeping the City Clean from Blake to Popular Culture K. Rennhak: The Politics of an Irish Cityscape: Romantic Dublin as a Conspicuous Absence P. Fischer: The City in the Anti-Jacobin Novel: A Place of Taste and Terror K. Scarth: From Village to Suburb: Mr. Knightley's Management of Highbury D. Bone: Byron and the City: Nature and Art K. Gilmartin: Country and City in Romanticism's Evangelical Revival C. Duffy: Istanbul and the 'Romantic' Sublime M. Gassenmeier & M. Seletzky: In Memoriam Hermann Fischer (1922-2009)

Inhaltsverzeichnis / Table of Contents (PDF)

ISBN 978-3-86821-489-5, kt., 264 S., 28,50 (2013)

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