Edited by Lilo Moessner, Christa M. Schmidt:
Anglistentag 2004 in Aachen


Section II: England in the Middle Ages

Hans Sauer (Munich) and Ursula Schaefer (Dresden)

Roy Michael Liuzza (Knoxville, TN)

Beowulf and Historical Memory

Andrew James Johnston (Berlin)
Walter's Two Bodies: Sovereignty and Individuality in Chaucer's Clerk's Tale

Thomas Honegger (Jena)
The Death of the Courtly Lover: Richard Roos's La Belle Dame sans Mercy

Monika Fludernik (Freiburg)
Narrative Structure in the Middle English Prose Romance

Cordelia Wittiger (Dresden)
Medieval Miscellanies: The Mediality of Codex Cotton Tiberius B.v

Ursula Lenker (Munich)
Forwhi hence: Shifting Deictics in Early English Causal Connection

Lucia Kornexl (Greifswald)
"For Englisch was it neuere": Grammatical Metalanguage in Medieval England

Annette Kern-Stähler (Münster)
Poster Presentation: Women and Reading in Late Medieval England:
Critical Considerations

Ferdinand von Mengden (Münster)
Poster Presentation: Numeral Constructions in Old English: a Cross-Linguistic Comparison

Section III: Re-fashioning Gender

Rainer Emig (Regensburg), Julika Griem (Stuttgart), Barbara Schaff (Munich)
Introduction: Re-fashioning Gender

Pamela Church Gibson (London)

What Butler Could not Foresee: The Uses and Abuses of High Theory

Russell West-Pavlov (Berlin)
Un-Fashioning Gendered Bodies on the Restoration Stage

Antje Kley (Kiel)
Print Culture, Contingeny and the Discourse of Femininity in 18th Century England

Eveline Kilian (Tübingen)
From Gender to Transgender: Theoretical and Literary Perspectives

Virginia Richter (Munich)

New Bodies, New Narratives: A Biological Turn in Gender Studies?

Katharina Rennhak (Munich)
The Male Epistolary Subject in Women Writers' Novels Around 1800;
or Refashioning Feminist Narratology

Stefan Horlacher (Mannheim)
"The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life": Masculinity in Thomas Hardy's
Jude the Obscure

Ingrid Hotz-Davies (Tübingen)
No Use Spoiling One's Trip Worrying About Imaginary Police Men:
The Pleasures of the Closet in Patricia Highsmith's Ripley Novels

Section IV: Literature and Music

Silvia Mergenthal (Konstanz) and Christoph Reinfandt (Tübingen)
Literature and Music: Introduction

John Neubauer (Amsterdam)

The Return of the Repressed: Language and Music in the Nineteenth Century

Susanne Rupp (Berlin)
"Poetical Music" Revisited: Word-Music Relations in Early Modern English Song

Anna-Margaretha Horatschek (Kiel)
The Auditory Self: Self-Constitution by Text, Voice, and Music in English Literature

Hans Werner Breunig (Munich)
British Romantics and German 19th-Century Composers: On the
Relationship between Literature and Music

Burkhard Niederhoff (Bochum)
The Sister Arts as Poetological Metaphors in E. M. Foster's Criticism

Enno Ruge (Munich)
Angry Young Musicians: Viakram Seth's An Equal Music and Bernard MacLaverty's Grace Notes

Lars Eckstein (Tübingen)
Belonging in Music and the Music of Unbelonging in Richard Powers' The Time of Our Singing

Section V: Hypertext

Andreas H. Jucker (Zurich)
Hypertext Research: Some Basic Concepts

Jürgen Esser (Bonn)
Hypertext and Taxonomies of Text-Types

Wolfram Bublitz (Augsburg)
The User as 'Cyberego': Text, Hypertext and Coherence

Anita Fetzer (Lüneburg)

Hypertexts in Context: Micro Meets Macro

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz)
Hypertext and (Grammar) Learning

Beatrix Busse (Münster) and Patricia Plummer (Mainz)
"'More teaching power than anything that could ever be printed on paper'?":
(E-)Teaching in a Hypertextnetwork"

Eckart Voigts-Virchow (Giessen) 
Structured Fun - Net Wits or Nitwits in Hypermedia?

Section VI: Varia

Anja Müller (Bamberg)
Re-Visiting (Anti-)Theatricality in Frances Burney's Evelina

Stefani Brusberg-Kiermeier (Potsdam)

Sensational Emotions: Excessive Laughter in Wilkie Collins's Novels

Ralf Schneider (Freiburg)

The Literary War Commentary, the Media, and the Performance of Authenticity

Christiane Meierkord (Erfurt)
International Englishes in Contact

Andrea Sand (Freiburg)
The Effects of Language Contact on the Morpho-Syntax of English

Daniela Wawra (Passau)

The Male and the Female Self in Job Interviews: On Personal, 
Impersonal and Dominant Language Use

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