Irish-German Studies

Yearbook of the Centre for Irish-German Studies 2001/2002
Joachim Fischer, Pól Ó Dochartaigh, Helen Kelly-Holmes (eds.):
Yearbook of the Centre for Irish-German Studies


Part I: Articles: 

The Celtic Dimension of the Anglo-German Antagonism

Celt versus Teuton: Race, Character and British National Identity, 1850-1918 - John S. Ellis / "Our sworn, subtle, savage, implacable and perfidious foe": Germanophobia and Spy-fever in Scotland, 194-1918 - Stefan Manz

The Celtic Countries and National Socialism

Under the "Three-Legged Swastika": Celtic Studies and Celtic Revival in the Isle of Man in the context of the "National Socialist Idea" - George Broderick / Relationships between the Germans and Bretons in the Second World War - Christian Bougeard / Nazi Historiography and the Partition of Ireland - Pól Ó Dochartaigh 

The Celtic Countries and the GDR

The Poor Relations: The GDR and Ireland - Damian Mac Con Uladh / Projecting the Self - Reflecting the Other: Scotland, Wales and the GDR - Marianne Howarth

Literary Relations

Scotland and the German "Percy-Complex": Ballad Transitions in the 18th Century - Kirsten Kearney / A Wild Goose in Wallenstein: Walter Buttler in Schiller's Trilogy - Florian Krobb / Responses to the Third Reich and the Holocaust in Scottish Writing - Donal McLaughlin / "In the beginning was the deed": Faustian Poetics in John Banville's Mefisto - Elke D'hoker 

Part II: Documentation and Reports:

Conference Report / The "Ring Festival" at the University of Limerick, August 2002 - "Mein irisch Kind wo weilest du?" - Irland schmiedet nach fast hundert Jahren wieder einen "Ring" - Dieter Borchmeyer / "From Wagner to Hitler": A Lecture by Dr. Gottfried Wagner / Reports

ISBN 3-88476-657-0, ISSN 1393-8061, 184 S., kt., € 18,50 (2004)

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