CDE - Contemporary Drama in English, Volume 10
Jochen Achilles, Ina Bergmann, Birgit Däwes (Eds.):
Global Challenges and Regional Responses in Contemporary Drama in English

Table of Contents

Matthew Roudané
       Global Challenges, Regional Responses: The Theatre of Sam Shepard

Hans-Ulrich Mohr
       The Significance of 'Horseplay': Global and Regional Dimensions in Sam Shepard's
       True West and Far North

Katharina Ehrhard
       Enacting the Farm Crisis of the 1970s: Sam Shepard's
       Curse of the Starving Class as a Socially Symbolic Act

Wilfried Raussert
       Gender and Performance of Local and Global Conflicts 
       in Postmodern and Contemporary American Drama:
       LeRoi Jones, José Rivera, David H. Hwang

Carmen Birkle
       Revising America, Revisioning the Past: 
       American Drama in a Global(izing) World

Kerstin Schmidt
       "A Blueprint of an Event": History, Spectacle, 
       and the Creation of an African American Perspective

Klaus Benesch
       Myth, Media, and the Obsolescene of Postmodern Drama:
       Don DeLillo's Tragicomedy Valparaiso

Marvin Carlson
       The Mother Tongue and the Other Tongue:
       The American Challenge in Recent Drama

Cordula Quint
       Terror of the Contemporary Sublime: Regional Responses
       to the Challenges of Internationalism and Globalization 
       in the Drama of Caryl Churchill and David Edgar

Kara McKechnie
       Homely Northern Women in Sensible Shoes:
       Alan Bennett and the Pleasures of Provincialism

Jürgen Wehrmann
       Revising the Nation: Globalization and Fragmentation of
       Irish History in Sebastian Barry's Plays

Birgit Däwes
       Local or Global? Negotiations of Identity in Drew Hayden Taylor's Plays

Chijioke Uwah
       The Theme of Political Betrayal in the Plays of Zakes Mda

Annette Pankratz / Alyce von Rothkirch / Kathleen Starck / Merle Tönnies
      Making Play-Texts Live: Teaching Drama as Experience

ISBN 3-88476-590-6, 278 S., kt., € 24,50 (2003)

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