Knopf, Kerstin; Quintern, Detlev (eds.)

From Marx to Global Marxism

Eurocentrism, Resistance, Postcolonial Criticism

In our 21st century, the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are still widely taught, hotly debated, and adapted to different political and sociological contexts and theories. Today the "spectre of communism" haunts not only Europe, as assumed by the authors of the Manifest of the Communist Party in 1848, but the world as a whole. After Marxism achieved statehood on the ruins of the Tsarist Empire as the consequence of the Russian Revolution in October 1917, revolutionary independence movements in Asia, Africa, and the Americas introduced new and varied readings of the socialist classics in the 20th century. This collection of articles, by contributors from across the globe, discusses Marxism based on Marx's and Engels's ideas and oeuvre from transnational perspectives that connect Germany and Europe for example with Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, India, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Russia, and Turkey. With a critical postcolonial approach, the pluri-versal debates look at the heritage of Karl Marx (and Friedrich Engels) in the context of histories of resistance, analytical thought, theory building, a latent Euro-centric outlook, and the 'discursive monument' Marxism.

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From Marx to Global Marxism - Eurocentrism, Resistance, Postcolonial Criticism
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