Schwall, Hedwig (ed.):

Boundaries, Passages, Transitions

Essays in Irish Literature, Culture and Politics in Honour of Werner Huber

Irish Studies in Europe is the title of a series of peer-reviewed academic publications in Irish Studies whose thematic and methodological range goes well beyond literary studies to include aspects of cultural studies in the broadest sense. The main emphasis is, of course, on the island of Ireland (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) as well as the Irish diaspora in all aspects of society, history, culture, literature, the arts, and the media.

The “European” dimension suggested by the series title is an indication of a prioritised, but by no means exclusive, concentration on (mainland) European perspectives on Irish Studies. It is hoped that such an “etic” approach, as it were, may contribute a special dimension to the progress of Irish Studies at large and document the variety of European traditions of Irish Studies as inter- and multi-disciplinary fields of research, study, and teaching. Thus, the programme of this series is a deliberate reflection of the objectives of The European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS), under whose aegis the series is published.

Boundaries, Passages, Transitions: An Introduction (Hedwig Schwall) – Going Global? (Declan Kiberd) – “Ungenerous, though not mean”: Scheme for the Purchase of Evacuated Dwellings (Katherine Side) – Performing Belfast: Stewart Parker’s Northern Star (1984) and Pentecost (1987) (Stefanie Lehner) – “Beyond the Troubles”: Parody and the Northern Irish Thriller in Ceasefire Cinema (Stephanie Schwerter) – Gaelic games and the films of John Ford (Seán Crosson) – Intermedial Drama and the Commodification of Irish Identities (Jochen Achilles) – “Did you like how I made that turn, Officer?”: Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen (Ondrej Pilný) – Martin McDonagh’s Epistemological Instability: The Noose of Hangmen (Joan FitzPatrick Dean) – Post-Celtic Tiger Crisis Genderized and the Escape to Virtual Realities in Nancy Harris’s No Romance (Mária Kurdi) – Another Listen to the Music in James Joyce’s “A Mother” (Gerry Smyth) – Out of Joint: James Joyce and ‘Irish Time’ (Paul Fagan) – ‘Sigmund Freud … Analyze This’: The Joys of Freud and the ‘Cycloannalism’ of Finnegans Wake (Tamara Radak) – Beyond England: Bringing Ireland into the Victorian Novel, the Case of Anthony Trollope (John McCourt) – “The soul within me burned / Italia, my Italia, at thy name”: Wilde’s Early Poems and his Fascination with Italy (Donatella Abbate Badin) – Beyond Transition: Elizabeth Bowen’s Seven Winters (Elena Cotta Ramusino) – The House of Fiction: Dermot Healy’s Short Stories (Keith Hopper and Neil Murphy) – Race and Ethnicity across the Atlantic: Revising the Discourse of Nation-Building in Colum McCann's Transatlantic, Sebastian Barry's On Canaan's Side and Colm Tóibín's Brooklyn (Sylvie Mikowski) – Werner Huber Testimonies (The English department of the University of Vienna, Klaus Lubbers, Catherine Maignant, Filomena Louro, Giovanna Tallone, Paul Fagan, Seán Crosson)

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