Fergal Lenehan

Intellectuals and Europe

Imagining a Europe of the Regions in Twentieth Century Germany, Britain and Ireland

In this work the author examines the concept of a decentralized Europe in twentieth century Germany, Britain and Ireland, as imagined by an array of highly diverse intellectuals, including Christopher Dawson, Ernst Jünger, Leopold Kohr, John Hewitt, Richard Kearney, Neal Ascherson, Peter Glotz and Hans Magnus Enzensberger. He concentrates principally on two periods of crisis, namely World War II and the thawing and fall of communism in the late twentieth century. Lenehan argues, ultimately, that this archive of ideas provides a stimulus for the contemporary reimagining of the continent during the present pervasive crisis. Dr. Fergal Lenehan teaches at the department of Intercultural Studies and Business Communications of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany. He received a BA and an MA from University College Dublin and a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Leipzig.

ISBN 978-3-86821-529-8, kt., 224 S., € 28,50 (2014)

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