Huber, Werner; Mayer, Sandra; Novak, Julia (eds.):
Ireland in / and Europe - Cross-Currents and Exchanges

Irish Studies in Europe is the title of a new series of publications in Irish Studies. The projected thematic and methodological range of this series goes well beyond literary studies to include aspects of cultural studies in the broadest sense. The focus is, of course, on the island of Ireland (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) as well as the Irish diaspora in all aspects of society, history, culture, literature, the arts, and the media. 

Mossbawn via Mantua: Ireland in/and Europe: Cross-Currents and Exchanges (Seamus Heaney) – Hy Brasil: Cartographic Error, Celtic Elysium, or the New Jerusalem? Early Literary Representations of the Imaginary Brasil Island (Barbara Freitag) – “My Change of Character”: Rousseauisme and Maria Edgeworth’s Ennui (Eglantina Remport) – The Rise of the Hungarian Dandy: Oscar Wilde’s Contribution to the Experience of Modernity in Early-Twentieth-Century Hungary (Gabriella V.) – Published in Paris: Samuel Beckett, George Reavey, and the Europa Press (Sandra Andrea O’Connell) – Franco’s Spain: A Dubious Refuge for the Poets of the ‘Irish Beat Generation’ in the 1960s (Ute Anna Mittermaier) – From Utopia to Heterotopia: Irish Writers Narrating the Spanish Civil War (Sarah Heinz) – Fantastic Longings: The Moral Cartography of Kate O’Brien’s Mary Lavelle (Michael G. Cronin) – John Broderick and the French Catholic Novel (Eamon Maher) – A Fruitful Exchange: A Comparative Study of the Different Versions of John McGahern’s The Leavetaking and its French Translation Journée d’adieu by Alain Delahaye (Claudia Luppino) – “Aren’t We Citizens of the World?”: Irish Diaspora and Its Discontents in Deirdre Madden’s One by One in the Darkness, Anne Devlin’s After Easter, and Nuala O’Faolain’s My Dream of You (Michaela Schrage-Früh) – A Clearing in Inferno: Banvillean Constructions of Prague in Prague Pictures and Kepler (Hedda Friberg-Harnesk) – Exile, Migration, and ‘the Other’ in Contemporary Irish Writing (Angela Vaupel) – Two Recessions and a Boom: Where Next for Ireland? (John FitzGerald) – Whither the State?: The Recent Evolution of the Role of the State in Ireland (Anne Groutel) – Ireland and European Post-Secularism (Catherine Maignant) – The Representation of Ireland in Two Nineteenth-Century French Journals (Claire Dubois) – The Business of Pleasure: Modernity, Marketing, and Music Hall in fin-de-siècle Ireland (Alison O’Malley-Younger) – The Irish in Continental Europe and Ireland: Sustained Connectedness Across a Virtual Diaspora Space? (Gráinne O’Keeffe-Vigneron) – Mutational Patterns in the Teaching of Irish as a Foreign Language at the University of Vienna (Theresa-Susanna Illés) – Promoting Mutual Understanding and/or Enriching the Curriculum? The Contribution of the ‘Ireland in Schools’ Forum to Bringing Ireland into the English Classroom (Lesley Lelourec)

ISBN 978-3-86821-421-5, 284 S., kt., € 27,50 (2012)

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